Body Shout: A Kids Health Book About Why Eating Nutritious Food, Fitness And Fun, Works Best For Everyone!

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Sure, there's a "party in your mouth" as you gobble up your favorite fast foods and wash them down with sweet, sugary drinks, but what if "the rest of your body" could let you know how those choices will make you feel? Body Shout is a quirky short story about how our everyday habits affect our bodies and why we should make smart, healthy decisions. Body Shout is creatively written and illustrated, and speaks from a fresh, unique perspective. Its message is both timeless and timely. Body Shout is an easy to read picture book that is entertaining and educational. Pre-school kids enjoy the fun, vivid illustrations, being read to, and hearing the rhythm and rhyming of the words out loud. Easy readers find it entertaining, funny and surprisingly educational as they read it for themselves. Parents and grandparents love it as a clever healthy-start tool...and (secretly) find it amusing as well. A reading-win for everyone!

List Price: $6.95
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