Buddhist Quotes: Meditation, Happiness, Inner Peace.: Spirituality and Buddhism: Bouddha, Zen, Thich Nhat Hanh, Dalaï-Lama… (Buddhism, Bouddha, … & Spirituality, Dalaï Lama, Zen.) (Volume 1)

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- Buddhism and Spirituality / Happiness and Peace of mind -

Words are an interesting concept, they can elevate us and reveal the beauty of an imperceptible instant, describe a being's thought in a deep state of inspiration... They can also mislead us if we mingle them with the thing they describe...
A quotation represents a condensation of the spirit, a condensation of the philosophy and attitude adopted and applied by the author in his thoughts, speeches and actions.

Reading and understanding these thoughts can allow us to discover a new way of looking at the world, by widening our perception, we get a greater faculty to discern the most appropriate response in a given situation...

In Buddhism in general and Zen in particular, it is said that a sentence, a word even, can awaken someone, while opening the door of knowledge and wisdom.
Perhaps the reading of these sentences will open up unexplored dimension within you, perhaps you will have a moment of clear comprehension or perhaps you will have the desire to apply a certain attitude that would allow you to be more peaceful...

Whatever the result of your reading, I am convinced that your life will be improved, that your desire to understand will be satisfied and that you will re-established the connection with your true self which is now waiting for only one thing, for you to continue reading in order to find deep within you, this familiar sensation to have found again this treasure buried and hidden deep down for too long...

I wish you beautiful reunion with yourself, with the light, joy and love which are abundantly accessible and available within all of us, at any moment!

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